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VisionRave is a ticket & subscription based service that allows fans to experience their favorite electronic music artists like never before via its website and app. These performances merge cinematic visual effects, compelling story arcs and beautiful virtual worlds.


VisionRave has a unique filmmaking process that utilizes state of the art gaming technology to efficiently create visual movies and special effects for the artist’s performance. Once booked, an artist performs for 90 minutes on a virtual production studio set near the artist’s home city as arranged by our production team.


Upon booking, the artist will review three creative briefs for his/her prospective performance. The artist will choose from among the alternatives presented. Once confirmed, the creative team will execute the visuals and story line behind the performance. Our creative group integrates the performance footage with the virtual worlds they have created and adds special effects.  The process enables virtual recreation of multiple camera angles, close ups of the artist, and other scenes to fully immerse the performance in the created environment.  The process typically takes approximately six weeks to complete.


We will provide all DJ audio tech set up as outlined in the Artist tech rider. The recorded performance does not require any front of house speakers and we provide the DJ monitors / speakers as needed. We bear all production and distribution expenses. We also provide professional staff & equipment at all production locations.


Artists will receive guaranteed staged payments upon signing the contract, upon recording the performance, and upon the actual showing. Artists will participate in backend revenue after the performance airs as contracted. Payments are based on number of participants following the contractual formula. There are no caps on payments.


VisionRave is committed to honoring artists’ and creators’ rights.  We strive to ensure that all music played on our site is fully licensed, with compensation paid to those responsible for its creation and performance.


The team is comprised of highly skilled and professional individuals with decades of experience in dance music event production, artist & music management, visual effects (VFX) for feature film & television, Fortune 100 executive management, strategy and startups.

Let’s Rave.

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